tea time


As autumn sets in, I begin to swap my lemon water for something warmer and more soothing. I wrap my hands around the tea cup to warm myself; and I let the scented steam drift up into my face, filling my nasal passages with herbal perfumes. 

I recently tried a tea unlike anything I'd tasted before. The tea was a saffron tea from Kiwana Tea. I was immediately intrigued to try it when I heard that it was made with saffron. Living amongst many Pennsylvania Dutch decedents, saffron is no stranger, however it is something I came to know and love later in life. It has a very subtle flavor -- like a mouse, it delicately sneaks up on you. Once you're able to tap into it, you find a world of flowery personality. 
So, if like me, you want to get started on building out a killer tea cabinet for the months ahead, give Kiwana Saffron tea a try! It will be a cooky little addition to your collection. And a great one to whip out when you want to impress friends with something different. 

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