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an oasis all my own


This past month, a fire lit under my ass. I started rearranging, cleaning, discarding, and putting my home together a new way. So many things had been put into place with a 'that will work for now' mentality, but it was time to wipe the slate clean. I needed a refresh. I wanted to look around and feel calm...inspired in my own home. Bit by bit, I worked through it. I finally went and bought the things we'd been needing. I added a few plants to the collection. It started to come together. Slowly, I was building my own personal oasis. 

There is nothing liking having your own space. A retreat where you can escape to at the end of the day. Surroundings that fill you with happiness. You set the accoutrements, each object placed, each decoration intentional, and then you fill it with the people you love, the animals who give you companionship, the food that feeds your body. Your personality and your movements imprint themselves on the walls. Evidence of life sprinkles throughout. You have all you'll ever need, right there.

I'm a traveling soul -- drawn to adventure, but at the end of it all, there is nothing like coming home. Build your oasis. Leave it. Return to it. Appreciate how it supports you.

chicory, a coffee alternative


Note: This post was previously published here as a part of my freelance work. 

Caffeine, despite the fact that many of us drink it this way, is one of the worst things to consume first thing in the morning. After a full night’s sleep, our bodies get confused with the huge stimulating kick. The caffeine gives a surge of energy, and then inevitably results in a crash later on. Not to mention, it causes food to speed through our intestines, diminishing our nutrient absorption and dehydrating our bodies.

There is a happy medium, however. Chicory, is a great substitute for coffee. While containing small amounts of caffeine (50-75mg per cup), it’s nowhere near the 250mg of caffeine in one cup of drip coffee.

So hey, why not try it out? 
2-3 Tbs Chicory Root
1 Cup Hot Water
1 Pinch Cinnamon
3 Cloves

French Press
1. Place all ingredients in the bottom of your french press, and then put the lid on.
2. Pour steaming hot water into the french press and let brew for five minutes.
3. Press the knob on the french press down to suppress the grounds. 
4. Pour and enjoy. Feel free to add a creamer of your choice.