every plant has a name


My green thumb and thirst for the homegrown has really taken off this summer. For years I've been pining to fill a house with plants, and now moving into a place with enough natural light, it's finally becoming a reality. In addition to our succulent and house plant friends, I've been potting these little terracotta pots with herbs all around the house. I decided I'd need a way to remember what I started where, so it led to a simple but cute chalk paint DIY. Since I'm a new gardener, I love that it's a low commitment form of labeling. If something dies, or if I decide to seed a different plant next year, I can always erase the chalk and write something new. It's extremely easy to do, and in no way a novel idea, but I thought the end effect was very homey, practical, and cute. Follow along to see how you can do the chalk paint labeling yourself. 

What You'll Need:
- chalkboard paint
- terracotta planter
- blue painter's tape
- paint brush
- paint dish

1. Rip your tape in half length-wise.

2. Section off a parallelogram shape (wider at the top, narrower at the bottom) on your planter.

3. Paint two, even coats of paint within the taped off section, waiting about 10 minutes in between coats.

4. Let the paint dry for about an hour, and then remove tape, plant, & label.

And you're done!!

and it was all a dusty haze...


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I've been rather busy and silent here on the blog. Please forgive me and enjoy diving into a bit of recent inspiration.
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side project


I've been working on pursuing some freelance work in my "spare time."  Just last week I shot Alicia of Healthing You, for her blog. Above are some outtakes I'm especially in love with. The first and last photographs get me excited every time. Why is photography so goddamn fun?!?

numie's contributing!


Hey guys! Excited to say I'm going to be a regular contributor over on Free People's BLDG 25 blog. I couldn't be more happy. Check out my first post on The Yin & Yang of Summer Solstice that went up today. 

What's everyone going to be doing to celebrate the solstice? I certainly have yoga penciled in somewhere. Hope everyone enjoys the transition. 
Happy summer!

weekly scenes


Oh summer...sweet, sweet, summer. I've been working on projects like crazy. Can't wait to put some of them on the blog, and make a big reveal of the new place. For now, some shots of the other fun I've been having. Trips to new hope with my dad for father's day weekend, volunteering and running into cute pups, sipping on some ginger beer in the backyard while potting plants. It's been busy but good. New home, new beginnings. Summer, and lots of energy. God I love this time of year. 

i must have flowers


Hanging out on the Free People blog today as the Monday quote. I find it very appropriate to be modeling for a Monet quote. After all, he's my main man and favorite painter. It's also very true, I must always have flowers. Jana couldn't have picked a better quote to pair me with! Even if you can't see my face :).

minted greek yogurt sauce


This yogurt sauce came about as the result of a successful farmer's market trip. The freshest ingredients - mint, young garlic, and beets - had my appetite feeling all inspired. I haven't been eating much dairy, but throw a small dab of this on the side of some marinated beets, and you can't go wrong. Finish the plate off with a sauteed fillet of fish and fresh salad, then boy, you have a meal. Even in the smallest amounts, its strong herb and lemony flavors brighten up any dish.

1 Cup Greek Yogurt
1/2 Cup Packed Mint Leaves
1 Green Garlic Clove
2 Tbs. Sesame Oil
Juice from 1 Lemon
1/2 Tbs Salt

1. Peel the outside layer from your young garlic, and slice each clove. Saute over medium heat in a bit of olive oil until just see through. Remove from flame.
2. In a food processor, whip yogurt until light and airy.
3. Add mint, garlic, and salt and continue to run the food processor until garlic and mint are chopped into little specs of green.
4. Stir in lemon juice.
5. Taste and add more salt accordingly.

the devon horse show


I ventured out to the Devon horse show with two old friends a couple weekends ago. We all grew up riding horses together, and it was such a great feeling to come together again over something we all shared from our past. To think, one of us is married with a baby, the other just graduated college, and here I am moving in with my boyfriend. We're all at different points in life, but we all share childhood memories and a deep love for these beautiful, powerful creatures. 

I have to say I felt a kick of nostalgia watching these riders canter around. I haven't been on a horse in years & it used to be so central to my everyday life. I decided then and there that I will surely be getting back on one someday soon. 

Horses posses something other worldly that I'll never be able to grasp. Despite how strong and sizely they are, they've made a bond with man that we'll never be able to repay them for. Even on this Saturday, in 80 degree heat,they cantered around with riders on their back, jumping over five foot fences for reasons I'll never understand. The fact that they've carried human kind through history, helping us survive, letting us hop on their backs, is something truly admirable. They've never had to do it, and yet they always have.

Just as catching up with childhood friends will never get old, neither will the horse show.

a family affair


Photos from the big wedding day last month. My oldest brother was the first to get married. I'm so happy for these two, and excited to have an amazing new sister-in-law. Here's to family and life-changing events. It was so great to be able to celebrate such a beatiful moment with all of them.