beltzville state park


Adam and I wound up at Beltzville State Park by something of an accident. We meant to go hike somewhere else entirely, but got lost and wound up here. Although not where we meant to go, it did serve as a healthy dose of nature complete with spectacular views and a perfect sky. It was my first visit to the Pocono's outside of the car. We walked along the water's edge, skipping rocks and observing the ducks. Canoes had the perfect day for peace out at water. We tried to get our own, but unfortunately the boat rental appeared closed. Nonetheless, a great Sunday it was.

chakra color theory


I made a Chakra Color Theory Poster for Free People this week. Go check it out on their blog (here) and download it for yourself!

weekly scenes


Boy have I been all over in that last couple of weeks. I made it to NYC for a quick visit with my good friend Ariane. She just got a new puppy this year, Minka, and I had so much fun hanging out with the little tyke again. He's a goofy little guy with, let's face it, killer looks. Another highlight was when Wanderlust came to Philly. It was a perfect 70 degree day. Thousands of yogis flocked to the piazza. I never even knew so many Philadelphian's practiced yoga. The feeling of having all those souls in one place to practice was overwhelmingly joyous. You couldn't help but have a great day from there on out. Not to mention, the whole thing was free

Among all of the excitement, I've sure been savoring my weekends as much as possible. My favorite kind of weekend is the productive relaxing kind, and I'm proud to say, I've been very good at achieving them lately. Those little relaxing moments, full of beauty and fulfillment, really help to make everything worthwhile. 

in this instant: remembering summer


(seasonal baking & micron pen doodles)

(tired dogs & state park scenery)

(backyard dinners & new thrifted finds)

(mornings with Marley & unexpected inspirations)

(San Francisco & backpacking with my best friend in the world)

(blue skies & scruffy puppy dogs)

(biking the commute & work trips to Toronto)

(strolls around Philly & standing on my head...anywhere I can)


Now that summer is in its final hour, I thought it would be a great time for another in this instant update. From hikes, to friends, puppy dogs, and good eats, there are so many great highlights to remember. As bittersweet as the ending is, I have to say, I'm excited for fall. It's my favorite time of year. 


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inspired: lilah horwitz & nick olson


Makers. That is what Lilah Horwitz and her beau Nick Olson call themselves. And what a beautiful way to look at it. I like to fancy myself a bit of the same. That incessant need to create with your hands, to add something beautiful to this world. I understand it, but I sure don't live it as much as they do. I'd love to find out just how they got the bravery to leap into the life that they lead.

That life? It starts on a beautiful plot in the heart of Virginia. They built themselves a home there. It has a whole wall of windows that, in a fantasy-like way, open in all different directions. The rest of the cabin houses fixtures, furniture, and knick knacks that they picked up at garage sales around the country. Half Cut Tea made a wonderful film about it. Give it a watch. It's the perfect pick me up for this Sunday afternoon.

I then went on to look more into each of their work and fell in love with what Lilah's up to. She's right, you really can tell that her work is hand stitched, even on a computer screen. It's so particular, hand done, like nothing you've ever seen before. See some of my favorites for yourself and check out more of her work here.

gluten free fig newton recipe


This post was previously published on Free People's BLDG 25 blog. Thought I'd bring some of the contributing over to Numie :)

When life gives you figs, make fig newtons. It’s a lesson I learned after stumbling upon free figs one Friday afternoon. We were getting ready to leave the office, and noticed someone had left a flat in the kitchen with a free sign. In season and ripe, I couldn’t help myself. They reminded me of fresh markets in Israel and long summers in Italy. I grabbed a bunch and quickly got them home.

Over the stove the figs turned into preserves. When it came time to assemble, I jazzed them up with a little goat cheese and rolled everything up in a gluten free dough. The perfect in season treat, they’ll win over even the biggest gluten free skeptics. You can ask my boyfriend, he ate more than half the batch in one day. Don’t tell him I told you ;).

Fig Preserves:
3 ½ Cups Fresh Figs – Stemmed & Quartered
1 Cup Raw Cane Sugar
1 ¼ Cup Water
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

Throw all ingredients in a sauce pot and bring to a boil
Once boiling, turn flame down to a slow simmer
Let simmer until preserves lightly cling to the pan when you drag a wooden spoon through (2-3hrs) 
Remove from heat and let cool

Gluten Free Pastry Dough:
*Adapted from Gluten Free Homemaker
¾ Cup Brown Rice Flour
¾ Cup Millet Flour
¼ Cup Sweet Rice Flour
¼ Cup Potato Starch
1 Tbsp Xantham Gum
2 Tsp Sugar
1 Tsp Unflavored Gelatin
½ Tsp Salt
1 Large Egg
8 Tbsp Butter
¼ Cup + 1 Tbsp Almond Milk

Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl
In a separate bowl, beat together almond milk and egg
Combine the milk and melted butter with the dry ingredients and mix with a fork
Using your hands, mush the dough into a ball and work it until smooth.
Wrap the dough in plastic, and let refrigerate for at least an hour

1 Cup Preserves
4 Tbsp Goat Cheese

Mix ingredients together in a bowl and set aside

Roll out the dough on a well (gluten free) floured surface until about a ¼ inch thick
Making a 4” x 15” long strip, cut off rough edges to make a smooth rectangle 
Line one half with fig preserve and goat cheese mixture 
Fold dough over the top and press edges closed
Cut into approx. 1.5 inch fig newtons
Place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and bake for about 20 minutes

surround me with flowers: the nyc botanical gardens


I finally made it to the NYC botanical gardens. I've been hoping to get there all summer to check out the 'Wild Medicine' exhibit, but hadn't found the time. At last, over labor day weekend, I got there. The exhibit was great - I learned about tea, antioxidants, citrus fruits, and all other kinds of things. For instance, did you know that nutmeg is good for an upset stomach, but taken in excess and you'll hallucinate? (Don't get any ideas.) 

Beyond the exhibit, I fell in love when we found the cactus and succulent wing of the conservatory. I've started a little collection of my own at home, but this put all of that to shame. Cacti twice my height, huge blooming flowers in electric colors, and fat prickly basketballs - the place was awe inspiring. 

I never wanted to leave the beauty of that conservatory. Mother nature gives me so much joy. I could spend eternity surrounded by her plants.