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This past week has been strangely relaxing. At times the pace may have ticked a bit too slowly, but it's good to get the heart rate down every once in a while. I'm not so sure where this week will fall into the scope of things. Preceded by big events and knowing that exciting things are coming up, it's that strange lull in between: the calm before the storm and the settling after the earth quake. 

The good thing is that with a new-found pace I was able to catch up with old friends. There was a road trip through PA on a beautiful fall weekend, and I managed to pack in a fair amount of hiking. The outdoor air is just beginning to change, and each breath of it feels so good. The crispy air in my lungs, it's about to be my favorite time of year.

1. Baked goods from Kristina Boggs
2. Oliver, the adorable new kitten
3-4. Monday night dinner
5-7. Fishing and hiking in Tyler State Park
8-12. Hiking the Appalachian trail with old college friends

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