long weekend


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It's a four day weekend in celebration of Memorial Day and I couldn't be any more relieved! I'll be off camping and enjoying a bit of nature before I head back to the city to move out of my apartment. For those of you relishing in some downtime & surfing around the internet, I thought I'd give you a list of interesting links to make the long weekend worthwhile. Check out below a few of the things I've been inspired by lately!

1. Working on a project & need something to listen to? Stream this Ted Radio Hour . I caught it while painting my new living room last weekend, and felt my eyes opened in enlightening ways.

2. Wish you were hiking? How about here?

3. Endless scrolls of good design.

4. One thing I will be trying with my homegrown herbs this summer.

5. Thanks to the modern age we can now livestream yoga classes! Just signed up for my free 15day trial :)

6. A whole Tumblr full of pretty things

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