philadelphia's first snow


We had our first snow, everyone! Of course, I got a little taste when I went home for Thanksgiving, but it was still fun to have some more. Philadelphia got hit pretty well with eight inches. I had been planning to spend the day with friends, making a road trip to a town outside the city. Roads were crappy though, and plans had to change. We ended up heading to Greensgrow Farms to check out their Christmas trees and Holiday Bazaar. They did a great job getting one-of-a-kind local vendors into the space (if you live in the area, they have another one going on tomorrow & I highly recommend it!). I must say, I was very inspired. The rest of the day we hopped around Fishtown, warming up with soup, hot toddies, and good friends. I love how the snow brings people together for fun memories like that day. It may have canceled plans, but we built a whole new day instead.


  1. Lovely photos, I always love the first snowfall :)

  2. What an injection of holiday spirit - that flurry, wood-burning stoves, christmas trees! I've got holiday tingles for the first time this year. And you've given me much to look forward to, from holiday markets to happy spontaneity with friends. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Jenny, what a nice comment. I'm glad that the photographs successfully capture the nature of that day. Mission accomplished! Happy holidays to you!!