farm 51


This past weekend, I got to do a little ride along with Jana. We went to a Philadelphia urban farm called Farm51. I'd heard of the place and was dying to check it out, so when she invited me along, there was an eager, "yes." 

The experience of being so inspired around what and how you can plant left me overwhelmingly giddy. I no doubt embarrassingly asked too many questions and tried way too hard to be these dudes' best friend. Their property is a dream and their ability with plants is genius. 

What these two guys, Neal & Andrew, have created, gives me hope that such a thing can exist within city limits. You see, I do dream of having a small farm one day. I'd love a tribe of goats and chickens, heritage strains of corn, sweet berries, and beds and beds of greens (I could go on). But the idea of going back to country life, at this point, is a mystery to me. I grew up there, but never as an adult had to survive there. I'm scared that I'll make a grand move to the rolling hills and miss the culture I find here in urban life. I love the shops, the health food stores, the music, and the fact that I can get anywhere I want with my own two feet of the wheels or my bicycle. 

An urban farm is a beautiful marriage where the benefits of country and urban life can be shared. It sounds cheesy to say, but it's really like a mirror to the dichotomy that I find within myself. I'm a country girl at heart, but a city dweller in spirit. Perhaps an urban farm is the answer to my life questions.

Read more about Farm51 in Jana's interview here.


  1. Chickens, gardens and victorian architectures -- maybe Philadelphia is the town for me! Lovely photographs Naomi!

  2. Wow, this is a great articulation of how I feel when I visit my family. It was hard to pull myself away from my aunt and uncle's farm in Ohio last week! Even living near downtown Austin, my mama has more greenspace than I will ever hope to have in Philadelphia.