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While last month was all about picking up and leaving for me, October is setting out to be a month of settling down. Fall's crisp air has definitely arrived, and already I can feel myself wanting to cozy up. For the first time in awhile I have no plans to go off an any adventures any time soon. I've been enjoying the quiet of home, of getting things back in order. I'm excited to have more time to simply be with loved ones. Adventuring this month will come in the version of pumpkin patches and haunted houses, but every night I'll come back home to snuggle in my own bed next to the man who means the world to me. It will be a great month of recharging, getting me ready to pick back up and hit the road once again. I'm sure.

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  1. Gorgeous photos as always, and I could not agree more with the sentiment -- fall feels like it has finally, officially arrived for me too. My long season of craziness is over as of this moment and I have no obligations ahead of me for the entire rest of this year. I'm almost giddy with the realization! I'm so ready to recharge for this season. Happy autumn Nummie!