florence, my heart


A big piece of my heart will always be in Florence. The city is like a second home. It's where, as a kid, I spent Christmases, summers, a year of my high school career. Despite the miles of distance, some of my closest family members reside there. Every time I return, my soul is washed in happiness. Love for my family, adoration for my grandma, the way of life -- it's all so perfect. Calming. Soothing. Every day spent in Florence is filled with delicious food, interspersed with long walks. The countryside is never far, and a good hour long walk will have you in the hills outside, gazing over cypress trees and centuries of beautiful architecture. What happiness. Florence, until we meet again, my heart will be homesick for you.


  1. your photography is breathtaking!!! are you ever in NYC? I would love to work with you.

    1. I do come to NYC from time to time. What kind of thing were you thinking??