house-cured salmon


Lox is my favorite food, hands down. I was raised on it, it's in my blood and I crave it like water. When I heard that it was actually pretty simple to make at home yourself, I had to try. It took two tries to get it down perfectly, but for a food that is so luxurious in feeling, it is amazingly stupid easy to do. You can bet I'll be doing this a couple times a month....for the rest of my life.

It came in handy when the hurricane rolled around that I had just produced my second round of homemade lox. Adam and I were shut up inside, and so what better to do than cook up a storm. We've been on a bit of a benedict kick, and we decided to make a salmon version using the lox and Adam's homemade lemon hollandaise sauce. Even we were impressed at how delicious it all turned out - the perfect hurricane dish. :)

1 fresh cut of salmon, choose your size (I like to get my salmon for lox at Wholefoods. It is the best high quality, wild caught, and fresh fish that I've been able to find in Philadelphia.)
chopped dill
1 part salt: 2 parts sugar (ex.1 cup salt, 2 cups sugar)

1. Lay out a sheet of plastic wrap and set your salmon ontop, skin and all.
2. Sprinkle the cut with chopped dill, and cover evenly with about 1/2 inch of your sugar/salt mixture.
3. Wrap everything up tightly, and set it in something to catch any juices that may leek out. I used a flat casserole dish.
4. Place everything in your refrigerator for 36 hours.
5. After letting the salmon sit for 36 hours, pull it out and unwrap. Rinse the fish off to remove all salt/sugar.
6. Using a sharp knife, cut the skin off of your fish. Then, do make pieces of lox, cut in thin, long, angular slices.

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