all roads design


I'm a huge fan a woven works, and when I came across All Roads Designs (on Instagram of all places) I was floored. Of the duo team that makes up All Roads - Robert & Janelle - Janelle is the textile expert and weaver. Her works are rustic, original and fun. I've flagged these guys as a major inspiration for my first weaving class that I'll be taking at the end of the month. I love that they are three dimensional and imperfect. Normally woven pieces are flat like a rug, but these guys get all fluffy, poofy, and stringy. I can't wait to try a hand at it myself! Be sure to check out their other work as well. It's all equally as fascinating and creative. 


  1. These are awesome! I love how unique they are. Next DIY craft?! I think so. ;)

  2. girrrlll, you got it. already have my weaving class scheduled ;)

  3. These are so nice! I vote for a DIY post on this!