the devon horse show


I ventured out to the Devon horse show with two old friends a couple weekends ago. We all grew up riding horses together, and it was such a great feeling to come together again over something we all shared from our past. To think, one of us is married with a baby, the other just graduated college, and here I am moving in with my boyfriend. We're all at different points in life, but we all share childhood memories and a deep love for these beautiful, powerful creatures. 

I have to say I felt a kick of nostalgia watching these riders canter around. I haven't been on a horse in years & it used to be so central to my everyday life. I decided then and there that I will surely be getting back on one someday soon. 

Horses posses something other worldly that I'll never be able to grasp. Despite how strong and sizely they are, they've made a bond with man that we'll never be able to repay them for. Even on this Saturday, in 80 degree heat,they cantered around with riders on their back, jumping over five foot fences for reasons I'll never understand. The fact that they've carried human kind through history, helping us survive, letting us hop on their backs, is something truly admirable. They've never had to do it, and yet they always have.

Just as catching up with childhood friends will never get old, neither will the horse show.

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