weekly scenes


I've had a lot of quiet moments around the house lately. My new kitchen is one of my favorite places to be. Its neutral colors illuminated by the natural light refresh and engergize. I work away there on projects for the garden and cooking up experiments. My two companions, Marley & Dot, like to watch along as I do. 

I've made it out at times to enjoy little guilty pleasures with friends and lovers as well. It's always important that I do. I can get caught up in the calmness of independence, but laughing and discussing with others are two of the most healthy things. Sometimes I forget that my soul needs them; however, as soon as I find myself drained and emotional it quickly comes back to me.

The answer is in learning to balance. I'm learning more and more that it's not a passive thing. Finding balance is an active venture. It takes attention, understanding, and ability to act.


  1. Your photos are lovely as usual! xx

  2. Is that a margarita I spot? Yummmm.
    You've got great photos! May I ask what camera/lens you shoot with?


  3. Hi Carla - I use a canon rebel t2i with a 50mm 1/8 lens. Glad you like the shots!

    1. Oh wow! Do you post-process your photos?