backpacking the batona trail


A phenomenon occurred last week. Adam and I had three days to spend together. It was out of this world, and you know we made the most of it. After sticking around Philly and staying up way too late, we had a lazy morning. Finally making it out of the house, we fueled up at a friend's cafe, Red Hook (check it out), and then headed to the Pine Barrens of NJ to hike 14 miles of the Batona trail

Starting at Batsto village, we walked 7 miles in to the lower ridge campsite. All along, the trail was lined with blueberries. We hiked through what was literally, a blueberry forest! It was a glorious day. The sunshine was on our side until right after we pitched tent and got a fire going. Once the flames were finally blazing, the heavens opened up with all their might. Luckily we had the tent up, so we climbed inside and listened in awe to the loudest crashing thunder we've ever heard. 

Waking early, we enjoyed being the only human beings for miles. Heating up water from the camel backs we brewed coffee. I had awoken with a shiver, it was awfully early in the morning, and the heat from the cup slowly brought me back to life. We then hauled out the powdered milk and granola to whip up some breakfast. Cleaning up involved a hike down to the stream where we scrubbed the dishes and pumped new water through the filter for the day.  

Getting back to our feet, we crossed the river and walked 7 miles down the other side. The return was simple and enjoyable. Nature all to ourselves. Silence albeit the rustling of leaves and birdsong. We approached on the other side of Batsto village and got to check out the old buildings. My imagination immediately filled the scene with hardworking men and children running free with adventure. The place represents a different time, and it's funny to think of a civilization so different from ours.

We finally found the car, and drove straight to the closest diner. It was simply put, some of the best three days of my life. 


  1. gorgeous photos....
    i just stumbled upon your blog, looking forward to reading more.