inspired: lilah horwitz & nick olson


Makers. That is what Lilah Horwitz and her beau Nick Olson call themselves. And what a beautiful way to look at it. I like to fancy myself a bit of the same. That incessant need to create with your hands, to add something beautiful to this world. I understand it, but I sure don't live it as much as they do. I'd love to find out just how they got the bravery to leap into the life that they lead.

That life? It starts on a beautiful plot in the heart of Virginia. They built themselves a home there. It has a whole wall of windows that, in a fantasy-like way, open in all different directions. The rest of the cabin houses fixtures, furniture, and knick knacks that they picked up at garage sales around the country. Half Cut Tea made a wonderful film about it. Give it a watch. It's the perfect pick me up for this Sunday afternoon.

I then went on to look more into each of their work and fell in love with what Lilah's up to. She's right, you really can tell that her work is hand stitched, even on a computer screen. It's so particular, hand done, like nothing you've ever seen before. See some of my favorites for yourself and check out more of her work here.

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