surround me with flowers: the nyc botanical gardens


I finally made it to the NYC botanical gardens. I've been hoping to get there all summer to check out the 'Wild Medicine' exhibit, but hadn't found the time. At last, over labor day weekend, I got there. The exhibit was great - I learned about tea, antioxidants, citrus fruits, and all other kinds of things. For instance, did you know that nutmeg is good for an upset stomach, but taken in excess and you'll hallucinate? (Don't get any ideas.) 

Beyond the exhibit, I fell in love when we found the cactus and succulent wing of the conservatory. I've started a little collection of my own at home, but this put all of that to shame. Cacti twice my height, huge blooming flowers in electric colors, and fat prickly basketballs - the place was awe inspiring. 

I never wanted to leave the beauty of that conservatory. Mother nature gives me so much joy. I could spend eternity surrounded by her plants. 

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