climbing to pinnacle overlook


As I was trying to wake last Friday, Adam whispered in my ear, "just stay, take the day off." I thought a minute, and after determining that there would be nothing pressing that day, I declared it a three-day weekend. On one condition: that we finally go climb to Pinnacle Overlook.

The highest point in the area, the hike had been on my bucket list for a while. The internet has little documentation on climbing to Pinnacle Overlook, and prior to this day, we had gotten lost on our first two attempts to find the trail. The third time's the charm, and today, we would finally make it.

Instead of going back to sleep, we got right to it, determined not to fail. Every good hiker knows that the morning needs to begin with a sturdy breakfast, and so we biked to our favorite spot for biscuits, eggs, and coffee. Afterward, we hit the road and made it to our destination by noon, just as the sun was directly above the earth.

Everything was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a more majestic day. I'll admit I was a little scared, having heard it was a tough climb and rather rocky. The one trail review to be found listed it as "advanced." 

But when we got to it, I was kicking ass. I charged up the mountain, fueled by the challenge. My heart was beating and the sweat began to bud on my temples. The burn in my buttocks felt so good, and everything around me was peaceful as could be. The experience made me feel like I could do anything.

We reached the first overlook at Pulpit Rock in about an hour. I hadn't had a view like that in years. One thousand feet above the farms below, patches of brown and green farms stitched together with tree lines. Everything looked so soft, like I could reach out and pet it. And to think, I would have been at a desk had the day gone any differently.

Onward from Pulpit Rock, we continued along the Appalachian Trail’s white blazes. The path was fairly flat from there, with little dips and ascends to keep you from getting bored. We ran into two duos who were in it for the long haul. They were both attempting the entire Appalachian, from Maine to Georgia on foot. Talking to them, I had to keep myself from bursting with jealousy. Inside I as all bubble and fizz. What I would give to be able to leave it all for the woods like that. Are they loaded with money, or just plain brave?

At a man-made pile of rocks we finally ran into the blue blazes that would take us to the Pinnacle. Following their direction for less than one-hundred steps led us to the view I’d been waiting for. How many times, how many fits had I thrown, wanting to make it to this spot. It was worth every huff and puff. This was the climb I had been waiting for. The best view in the state. The mecca of Pennsylvania climbs.

We lingered and climbed around like playful children before deciding to move on. Another hour and we were back at the car, a five hour hike in total. We immediately b-lined for town to find a cheap diner. That’s two diners in one day, we know how to live.

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