weekly scenes


Life is good, boys and girls. My favorite season is here, and I've been enjoying every last drop. My parents came to visit for the weekend, and they stayed here at the house. I loved welcoming them (and their two dogs) in. Watching guests relax on the couch and preparing lunch made it feel like a real home. It allowed me to sit back and admire the space Adam and I have created. It really is homey and cozy.

With my parents here, we also went out to several delicious meals. Brunch, dinner, as always, we ate well. Of note, we got to try out new local spot, Noord. Their Scandanavian plates were creative, elevated, and completely original. Unlike anything else in the city, compliments were flying out my mouth the whole meal.

The following weekend, Marley and I went on a solo walk in the woods. We found the Indian statue at Wissahickon after many attempts to do so. It was great to enjoy this beautiful season as thoughts worked themselves out in my head. There is so much to think about, to figure out. Nothing bad, but I find there's a constant need to question, to mull over ideas, and to plan for the future. Without time to do so, I can get a bit lost. It makes me feel very grounded getting back to nature with my thoughts and my dog.

It's been a good string of days.


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    1. Whole wheat english muffins! I'm still perfecting the recipe, but promise to share once I have it down.

  2. love the pics! Beautiful post:)