weekly scenes: adventures in new hope


Last weekend my friends and I went on an adventure. Word on the street was that a cute town called New Hope lay just 45 minutes outside of the city. We were all in the mood for some discovery, and so we decided to make a day of it. We spent Sunday exploring this little village, hopping around and soaking it up like the storm that we are

The town is set on lake, with two main streets packed with shops that include everything from vintage, to artisan goods and new age necessities. There's a lot to check out, and a great hippie vibe running through the culture there. Cool dudes with long hair walked the streets, and shop owners have pets who've made homes in their spaces. We found an adorable little spot for brunch as well. It had a greenhouse dining room and peacock chairs everywhere. It's amazing how fun it was to get outside of the city-scape and explore this little town for a day.

My recommendations for New Hope:
1. For something random stop into Suzie's Hot Shoppe! They have walls of hot sauce and you can try every single one. I picked up an ultra hot Jamaican bottle called Lottie's that I can't get enough of. I suggest trying the Pure Death as well. It was a close second!
2. Check out Night Bird to get your vintage fix. They had the most amazing assortment of vintage jackets I've ever seen. I picked up an old army number that has barely left my body.
3. Right across the street from the vintage shop is the restaurant where we ate called Karla's. I'd say that the ambiance beats out the food, but it's definitely an adorable little spot to stop and eat. The prices are very reasonable as well.

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