ridley creek state park: new years day


New Years morning I shot up at 8am. SHIT! I didn't set an alarm. Why did I do that? What did I do last night? Oh that's right, last night was New Years Eve. You partied your heart out and didn't set an alarm because, today, you don't have work. Hell yes. Today is golden.

I rolled back over, and snuggled into my man. We slept for another bit until it was time to pull ourselves out to Broad Street for the Philadelphia Mummer's Day parade. The adventure started there, and it couldn't have been a better day. Every moment was satiating - perfect and meant to be. The type of day where you're so distracted by what you're experiencing that you forget hunger. When food finally hits your lips, your starving and nothing has ever tasted so good. You end the night satisfied and full of joy from a long, well-lived day.

What made New Years Day even better was the fact that I got a whole day with Adam. With his restaurant work schedule, extended time together is a rarity. But part of what makes him my best friend and match is that we enjoy doing the same things. A hike was in order. I wanted to go on a nature adventure, and he found the perfect spot: Ridley Creek State Park.

Ridley Creek State Park
Not only is this park huge, but it's also within reasonable distance of Philadelphia. An easy drive outside the city to Media, PA, and you have a whole day's worth of naturing at your hands. The park boasts over 12 miles of hiking trails, a mansion, plantation, arboretum, creek, running trails, gardens and more.

Minutes from Center City Philadelphia: 35
Be Sure to Check Out: the mansion and it's outdoor areas. It's like stepping into the secret garden!
Favorite Park Characteristic: the size. I've been to state parks where you don't feel far from civilization. Hiking around in this park you felt removed and in the middle of nature.
Hidden Gem: a decrepit building in the middle of the arboretum. Tree's and Hercules-size vines have taken over. A sign of warning reads, "these old building ruins have early American charm, they also have 20th century hazard. Look from a distance, reminisce if you will. But please, stay out, for your own safety."
I would go back for: the plantation. It was closed on New Years day but it looked very peaceful. From afar I could see a beautiful barn with pastures up on a hill. 


  1. This place looks beautiful!!! Your photography always makes my heart skip a beat Naomi! I love the shot of you with the scarf!! So cute <3

    xx Cher

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  2. Aw thank you cheryl!! So nice of you!