free people press preview


I've been crazy busy at work recently, and one of the reasons why is that we were planning our very first press preview! The event took place just last week at our NYC showroom. It went really well, and the setups looked amazing thanks to our wholesale visuals team. The days were long, but satisfying and fun. We were there in NYC for two days, so I also got to hop on over to Brooklyn and spend some time with my good friend Ariane. We went out to Public House for drinks & dinner then celebrated my friend/intern's 23rd birthday at midnight. It never fails to be a good time in the BK. Can't wait to go back next week!

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  1. So so beautiful. Free People seems like such a lovely environment to work in. I only wish there was an international/UK office as I'm moving back to London in July and would so love to apply for a PR/marketing role due to past experience and love for the brand ! x