chinese new year, the year of the snake


It's officially a new year according to the Chinese calendar - the year of the snake - and yesterday we went out to celebrate. The day began with dim sum bright and early (for a weekend) and went on to include bubble tea, firecrackers, and the suns lion dance parade. The stimulation was at an all-time high with so many foreign things to take in. I've never been to a Chinese new year celebration before, but boy are they fun. Giant firecrackers go off and make your question your safety. No space precautions are taken, and your adrenalin gets pumping from the blasts. Drums, boom boom, set a baseline that reverberates through your veins. People push you from every angle, and colorful costumed dragons twist and wind to they rhythms all around. When the firecrackers finally quiet down, the dragon retrieves the cabbage and moves onto the next stopping point, where it all begins again. Slowly, they slither their way through Chinatown like so.

It was a fun adventure, and it might just become a tradition. After all, I have Chinese family now!
Also, dim sum is the new brunch. Get on it.

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