arielle alasko: one badass woodmaker


I recently stumbled across artist and blogger Arielle Alasko on the internet. I was left floored, in awe of her total and complete badass. Initially I was caught by her intricate woodwork designs, and then I was further drawn in by her life, cheeky writing, and other cool projects. There's nothing more awesome than a girl who can make anything with her hands, keep up with guys when it comes to construction skills, and look beautiful and stylish while she does. 

Her main works include wall hangings, headboards, and tables made from selvaged wood. I love how she takes these old materials and gives them new life with useful household objects. Each have intricate linear designs that play with shades. The outcome is clean, and beautiful, full of story and rusticness. My favorite pieces, the ones I think I'd buy first, are the wall hangings with Navajo inspiration.  

Arielle also did the entire construction and design for a family restaurant out in California called Il Vecchio. She blogged about the whole experience. The documentation is an inspirational peek into her process, and all of the lovely experiences she had a long the way. She made everything from the walls down to the cutting boards and lights using found materials. The amount of thought and detail throughout make it seem like a very special space.

Lastly, check out this cool stop motion video of her making one of her tables. 
Totally rad & bad-ass.

For more, check out Arielle's blog, Brooklyn to West


  1. Hey there!
    I love your blog, and this post is awesome! What a talent this guy has!

    I see that you work in the Navy Yard at FP! I was down there for my second time a few weeks ago for the Blogger Retreat.
    I love the brand, and hope to get an internship there during my college career starting this coming fall. :)

    I would love to connect, and also check out my blog, For Sure J'Adore!
    Take care,


  2. this is so cool and inspiring!


  3. Hey Taylor, that's awesome that you came down for the retreat! I hear it went really well. What internship are you after? Would love to connect. Feel free to shoot me an email:
    Happy Monday! =)