weekly scenes


There are points in life when you feel like you're really doing something. Those times when you look around and nod your head yes, happy with where you're at. I've been going through a hectic few weeks, but life has been very satisfying. The hours are packed with hard work, hobbies, adventures, and love. Busied with all good things and proud of my accomplishments, I've been feeling very content. 

Work has been a pile of projects and endless to-do's. It could have been daunting, and yes there were points where it was, but overall I breathed in and out and checked tasks off with calm.  There have been weekends at the office to crank out more, but actually it was serene. Little Marley hung beside me as I plowed through, getting to do a lot with my hands. Painting and making and crafting, the lavender and glitter can't seem to disappear from my desk. No matter how much I scrub, it's all a sign of enjoyment that I don't really mind lingering. 

When the sun has gone down and I've been able to finally rip myself from the office, I've managed to have a full life outside of work. I find that it's important to have this and keep living into the night. If all you experience is the daily grind, it gets monotonous and one-dimensional. You need to have those outside events - laughing, tasting, growing - to round out the experience of life and keep it full, bursting at the seams. I know this and I stand for it. I've been putting my foot down when I need to. After all, you're the only one who can watch out for yourself, and I make sure to protect what makes me happy.

The last cog in the puzzle that has kept me content, is the time I've maintained for myself. I have a lot of hobbies that I want to work on, and namely a few main focuses. I've been sticking to my yoga and gym sessions. I finished a good book. I kept my room clean, and I cooked up delicious, healthy meals using local fare. Making space for these things in my life keeps me grounded. It gives me energy and love to spread beyond into other areas of my day.

There's nothing like a life that has all three: hard work, good times, and personal betterment. You have to work to maintain them all. And, most importantly, I've found it's best to live in the present, keep a smile in your heart, and enjoy the presence of each. 


  1. dude i just saw this now.
    way to make me look super retarded in the first picture. wtf is taylor doing. haha.

    misss you <3

  2. aw, but you guys look so in love...

    haha. miss you too!