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It's no secret, I've been horrible about updating lately. Instead of re-running old posts, I thought I'd give everyone a little reading. Below is a recap of the work I've been up to in the past month or so. I may not be putting together a ton of content for Numie, but I promise, I've been making the magic happen somewhere. 

Lilah Nick & The House of the Setting Sun
Home tour with two talented artists and makers. They constructed a summer home with their own two hands, and it has an entire wall made from found windows so they can watch the sun set each night. This post also includes an interview with Lilah that - I hope - will fill you with as much inspiration as I felt meeting her and her beau in person.

Chilled Pea & Garlic Scape Soup
Adam & I constructed this refreshing recipe for our friends at Greensgrow. It's zesty, lemony, and perfect for hot weather.
Food & Ferments: The Kombucha & Beet Kvass Experts
I highlighted one of my favorite local Philadelphia vendors, Food & Ferments, for the Free People blog. Get a peek into their world + basic Kombucha and Beet Kvass how-to's.

DIY Fresh Flower Wreath
I let my hands get busy with some of nature's most beautiful objects, and wrote up a step-by-step for trying out the project yourself.

Recipe: Ginger Kohlrabi Slaw
This is a recipe that I got obsessed with making when kohlrabi was plentiful in the CSA. I brought it to a 4th of July party, and was later told by a friend that he had a, "coming to jesus moment," while eating it. Enough said?

DIY Sunglasses Case
I've been using this little bag like crazy - both for sunglasses and my cell phone. I love it. The bonus? It is a great use for scrap fabric. 

Blueberry, Peach, & Ginger Fruit Leather
Another recipe that Adam & I pulled together for the Greensgrow blog. This one is great for brining along on a summer hike. It's lightweight, won't squish, and tastes mighty great after a long day of walking through the woods.

Greensgrow Instagram
While I haven't been doing it as much as before, I've still been contributing to the Greensgrow Instagram from time to time. Be sure to follow along if you're interested in urban farming, gardening, farm-to-table, or artisinal foods. 
Now, I'd love to see some of the work you all have been doing. I'm finding that most of you are pretty darn inspiring, and I'd love to get to know you better. Leave a comment below and tell me what you're up to!

everyone meet: shelby robinson


Today, millions of people meet each other on the internet, but myself, I'm a novice. I've never tried internet dating, or joined a chat room. I never thought it was a way in which I should meet people. Now, I'm finding out that it in fact can be a great way to open new friendships.

Each and every week I share my beliefs, my photography, my interests, and peeks into my life here on Numie. What I do serves the same purpose as a diary, and at times I don't even notice that it reaches other people. I do it for myself - to document moments, gather inspiration, and to work out thoughts. That bubble of ignorance has kept my work genuine, and slowly but surely, like-minded people have taken notice. People that I in turn, am also inspired by. 

And that, is how I met Shelby. 
Shelby and I have been fans of each other's work for some time now. It started with little comments on each other's blogs, developed into hearts on Instagram, and then turned into emailing. Finally - oh finally! - it became a meeting in person. Shelby came to Philly, so we decided to meet up and go where I find myself almost every weekend: Queens Village. We grabbed lunch at my favorite cafe, Redhook, shopped Philadelphia's best boutique, Moon & Arrow, and then grabbed some quick blog supplies at the independently-owned health & grocery store, Essene
Although we live hundreds of miles apart, I'm so happy to have met this girl. She oozes with a creativity that I find fresh and inspiring, and has exciting experiences to share in conversation. If it weren't for Numie - for putting myself out there - I never would have met her. I must thank the internet and social media for introducing us. It opens my eyes to the beauty of blogging - the beauty of being genuine and finding others who are as well. 

But enough blabbering, let me introduce you to this lovely girl! Everyone, meet Shelby.
Shelby, my love, you just graduated college, what is next?

Yes! Right now I am trying to soak up all of these good feelings and discover the next adventure that’s pulling me its way. I am exploring a few opportunities to teach English abroad, specifically in Asia. I have this deep desire to fill up my passport so going abroad to learn and grow feels so right.

We’re both souls bitten by the travel bug, and immediately connected over that. What places top your list to visit in the next year?

I have always enjoyed connecting with people who have the same desire to travel. Two places I am really looking forward to exploring this year are Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (Lake Superior is unreal in the summer) and Asia (Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan) as I mentioned before. There’s something so culturally different and intriguing about Asia that draws my heart in.

 In talking with you, I kept getting glimpses of what a rad lady your mom is. Tell us a bit about her, and what your upbringing was like. How do you think it has shaped you as human being?

My mom’s creativity, selflessness and kindness are the things that inspire me the most about her. When I was younger, there were always small projects going on at our home, from painting and fixing up old garage sale finds, to decorating with fresh-cut flowers and building forts in our woods. Exercising your creative spirit was always encouraged - as well as taking time to connect with nature - and I am so thankful for that. I think this ultimately made me realize the importance of nurturing your creative soul and also why I chose to go into a creative field.
It seems like you’re always working on cool creative projects. What is one that you’re focusing on right now?

I recently got a DianaF+ lomography camera as a graduation gift that I have been playing around with. Film photography is so different from digital photography! It really allows you to get back to the basics of what photography is meant to be – simple and powerful. Once I get the film developed, I plan to create a small book to remember some of my favorite memories of summer. Artifact Uprising has these beautifully designed books that I am obsessed with and must get my hands on!

And what is one that you’ve worked on in the past that you’re really proud of and would love for people to check out?

The creative outlet that has been the most powerful and meaningful to me is Instagram. It’s just one big, ever-changing project, and I am so amazed by the beauty of the Instagram community. To me, it’s a collection of positive and talented and beautiful people from all over the world just trying to share good vibes. I am so blown away by how much I’ve learned and how my creative spirit has expanded. An ever-changing and growing project, in a way.

In a snapshot, what does your perfect day look like?

An early morning filled with yoga and a yummy breakfast with French-pressed coffee would be so ideal. I would spend the rest of the day exploring some of my favorite places around me, either on Lake Michigan or further north in Charlevoix, taking photos and walking the beach. I live for simple days like this: my camera, good people and the outdoors.
Lastly, I’d love to know, who’s playing on your headphones these days?

I have been revisiting a lot of classic rock lately! Tons of Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles and James Taylor, as all of these jams remind of me of summer and road trips headed north. My good friend Katie also just introduced me to Sylvan Esso’s latest album….and I am totally hooked.
Thank you, Shelby!


Be sure to check out Shelby's blog & Instagram!

photographer envy: yossi arefi


I recently discovered a new photographer crush. Her name is Yossy Arefi, and she's the master of the subdued, perfectly composed photograph. Her images are quiet and mysterious with a strong storied sense to them. An empty plate conveys all the beauty of sitting down to eat. You can taste the cherry pie. It's not too bold or in your face - it's just a an orange sitting in a sink. One can only wrap such emotion into a photograph through mastery of light. Yossy knows what to put where, and how to let the light hit it. I also find great inspiration in the elegant compositions and layers of rustic texture. The style is one that - all at once - opens your senses to the plain fact of what is, and the daydream what could be. 


For more, check out Yossy Arefi's portfolio here

photographer envy: berta tilmantaite


It's true. A picture is worth 10,000 words. I look at the work of Berta Tilmantaite and feel as though I'm traveling around the world with her. From place to place I get a sense for the people, the landscape, and a way of life that is so foreign to me. You can see it on the people's faces. In Georgia the norm is a grimace and in Indonesia the smiles are full of joy. It tells a history. It exposes reality.

How I would love to be a photo journalist doing just that. I want to travel. I want to see the world and capture it all with my lens. Through a couple mirrors, some light, and a snap we're able to convey a world of truth that connects people all across the world. I look at Berta's Facebook, and she's meeting people, talking to strangers, and soaking in the beauty of who they are as an individual and a representation of their place in the world. She goes anywhere and is fearless. I want to do that, uncover the story of mankind and communicate it to others. 

Berta Tilmantaite's work hits my aspirations on the head. She's does it too perfectly. Do browse her work and videos if you get the chance. It is all phenomenal.