moments at home


Adam and I were able to take a quick trip back to Syracuse last weekend. As can be expected of central New York in January, temperatures were close to zero and snow covered every stretch of nature to be seen. Despite the bitter cold we were able to hit the snow shoe trails with my dad and the three dogs. At outset, my fingers were numbed to the bone, but once we got going the blood started rushing, circling in my abdomen and sending warmth to the extremities. It’s hard to explain the beauty that surrounded us. There is no other way to describe it besides saying that it felt like witnessing magic. Gusts of wind would knock snowfall from the trees, and it looked like a million tiny stars raining down. The quietness, the stillness…it was breathtaking.

The indoors felt just as magical. A warm haven of love. The older I get the more and more I appreciate my parent’s home. It’s full of good taste – not too fancy, but elegant and rustic. From light fixtures, to wedding gifts hanging on the wall, I love the little details all around. Above everything, I enjoy how lived in of a home it is. In every nook you can feel the years, the lives of three children, dogs, and two parents who love each other. Both my mom and my dad have their hobbies. My father paints, draws, and builds models while my mom is an avid gardener and reader. As a result the place is full of books, plants, paint brushes – you name it. The environment that all of it creates is so comforting to me. I peruse through and sometimes pick out a book to borrow. I guess you could say I feel at home. I can't help but think, "what precious little moments..."

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  1. Love, love this. The older I get, the more I appreciate all of the little things that home brings - it's such a nostalgic, beautiful thing. Your photos of the trails are gorgeous!