rocket cat cafe


Nestled in the heart of Fishtown, on Frankford Avenue, lives Rocket Cat Cafe. It's become a recent favorite for it's bare decor, quirky clientele, and dark house brew. It's a small hub of locals, where people come to be alone, but never really are. Together, everyone sips and writes and thinks and stares out the window. Everyone brings a story with them, and they whirl through my brain as I sit quietly observing.


  1. This is a beautiful post - the photos made me feel as though I was sitting in a corner of this cafe observing the bustle of people's everyday lives. I left the city for the rural country side and while I rarely miss the concrete, I often miss cafes. Thank you for making me feel like I was in one today.

    1. Julie, thank you for the lovely words! Cafes truly are special gems. What I would give to be surrounded by open space once in a while though. Guess we can't have it all now can we? Much love. xx