chinese new year


The moon has made its cycle. The lunar new year is here. We welcome in the yang energy of the horse that is energetic and quickly moving. I have to admit I'm feeling a little irked. From what I read, it will be a year of headstrong individuals, not much communication, stubbornness. We all know that's not how things get accomplished when it comes to the greater good. Then again, the horse is earth and it's grounded. We're also in the year of the wood horse which eludes to something reaching and growing. Only time will tell whether this means we have a good or bad year ahead. Either way, the New Year is here, let's run with it.

If you're interested in learning more about the Chinese zodiac and the year of the wood horse, read this.


  1. Awesome shots! I work at a Japanese restaurant so last Friday consisted of sushi + drinks to ring in the Chinese NY... looks like you had a pretty fun day yourself ;)

    1. Yes mam. Dim sum, boba tea, & chinatown for me. Happy new year!

  2. Happy new year!! I went to the London parade last year and it was brilliant, your photos make me want to have gone again!xx