oh hello, brooklyn. it's been a while.


I finally escaped to Brooklyn for a long weekend. It's been awhile since my last visit, and there were some friends that it was time to go see. Sometimes you just need to get away and find a new adventure, and sometimes you just need the comfort of old friends. I let all the worries of work leave my head, and just played. I was also able to work on some fun projects which I'm excited to share when the time comes!

One of my favorite stops on the visit was the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. My friend Dani took me there in the morning. We all know how I love my conservatories, but I had never to been to see the one in Brooklyn. On the plus side, theirs is free every Saturday. All that fun without spending a dime. Also, their cafe has some mighty great food. I opted for a fresh pressed juice that kicked me right into gear. I know you're thinking that my favorite part must have been the desert. It came close, but actually - the must see room? The bonsai room. Be sure to check it out. Each tree is truly a work of art.

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