spending the day in love


Last weekend Adam and I were able to spend a rare entire day together. It was such heaven. We ate and walked all over the city, just happy to next to each other. We didn't even have to spend a lot of money, the day was sheer joy. The weather was strangely nice and we really enjoyed being outside. It made it possible to walk everywhere. 

Things started at Philly's new best kept secret, Porto, for brunch. After being full of food and coffee, we ventured north. I had always wanted to check out the main branch of Philadelphia's Free Library. It's this huge regal building on the Parkway, and well, I have a thing for libraries. So walking by we made an impromptu pit stop. Pulling books off the shelf, smiling, and embracing - I was so happy to be right there, right then. 

From there we walked up the Parkway. Adam casually mentioned never having seen Waterworks, so of course I made us walk down there. How can a man live in Philly so long, and never have seen one of its most beautiful staples? I've been there many times, but this visit huge ice chunks still clung to the water and it was a powerful site. 

We could have wandered around the river for hours, but the clock was ticking away, and that Sunday was "pay as you wish" at the art museum. We quickly left the river path to check out the surrealist exhibit before closing. It sure worked up our appetite, so we again walked across the city - this time in search of Bufad's delicious pizza. It was truly our day because when we went to pay, we found out that it was buy one pizza, get one free. It was also Bufad's one year anniversary, and we were treated to surprise champagne and dessert after our delicious meal. Could we have asked for more? I don't think so. 

God I love that kid. God I love this city.

Good day.


  1. What an amazing place to live, all those lovely places to visit aaah sounds beautiful!xx