dogs & winter hikes


I did the one thing a person should never do. I forgot my father's birthday. That's right, I'll admit to it. I'm not perfect. I fucked up. I love my dad to pieces, and it's no excuse, but February was moving so fast and I honestly had no idea what day it was. I felt absolutely horrible and wanted to make it up to him. So, Adam and I made a surprise trip. We departed Philly at 8am and showed up on his doorstep just in time for lunch. 

He had no idea we were coming, and was baffled to find out that my mom knew all along. I loved that we pulled it off. As usual, the visit was full of good conversation, dogs, and outdoor fun. We went to Arad Evans for a fantastic dinner and just hung out. This time around we switched up our usual hike for a trip to Tinker Falls. The site is a quick ten minutes from our house, and has great hiking. There are trails that lead up in the woods, and one that goes to a hang gliding jump off point. From there you get a magnificent view of the valley where my parents live. You can also hike to the waterfalls themselves. I've never been to the site in winter and it was jaw dropping to see them frozen. Of course, my camera died before we made it to the waterfall, so I can't show you just how spectacular it was.You readers will have to imagine.

In the end, we arrived back in Philly content from another perfect weekend. I will never forget my dad's birthday again, but in a way it's funny; if I hadn't forgotten, we would have never paid the visit and had such a great time. My slip up brought us together for something wonderful. Out of every mistake, something beautiful can be born. 


  1. Awh that's such a nice idea and the place looks loooovely!! Happy birthday to him!xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! You are such a great daughter :) you surprised him! I think that was better than a phone call :P Love the pics! :)