instagramming for greensgrow


You all know how passionate I am about the planet and having a positive impact on its well being. Part of that is eating whole, local, and organic foods which is why for the past year I've been a member of Greensgrow Farm's CSA. Last summer I also began a garden of my own, and made it a point to get as many supplies as possible from Greensgrow in order to support a small local business that I believe in. 

Last month I was fortunate enough to take over the Greensgrow Instagram. I've had a blast with it. Not only have I increased my visits and time spent at the farm, but I've also grown a tie to the local community that I didn't previously have. It's been a delight for my lens, my creative eye, and also my spirit. 

Above are some of the pictures I've captured so far this month. I look forward to showing the farm's progression as the season moves on and the whole world changes. Please do follow along!


  1. Love these, Naomi. The second photo of the succulent plants are my favorite.

  2. Numie - I love the instagram feed that you have been creating (followed) -- but it made me wonder (something I have wondered about so many beautiful instagram feeds). You don't shoot with a mobile phone do you? My personal instagram is strictly phone shots for entirely practical reasons, but I marvel at how others get such amazing shots with such limited resources...and then it struck me. Perhaps I am too limiting. If I want the beautiful shots, maybe I should be using my better camera? Is that what you do? Can you share a bit about how you process the shots from taking them to getting them on instagram? best - Rochelle

    1. Rochelle, I shoot a lot of these with my camera, and then I will edit/post them using my phone. I also shoot some with my phone though. It all depends on the shot really!

    2. Thanks Numie -- having a total ah ha moment here. My first question was how you get your photos on your camera....but then I realized dropbox is already doing that for me...I don't know why I didn't think of that before? Can't wait to play with new shots!


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