weekly scenes


Life has taken a turn for the busier. You'll have to forgive me for the silence that has ensued because of it. I know I've barely shared a peep, but I must admit, I don't feel entirely horrible about it. It's important to get out and experience life that is not set behind a computer screen. With the recent shift in weather, I've been making it a point to do so. I've been chasing dreams, laying in the grass, cooking up a storm, biking EVERYWHERE just because I can, and trying to make it to as many yoga classes as possible.

I do want to call out a few special moments that have happened recently though....
1. Adam's band had their first show! It was such a fun night of free beer, free souls, and free rock n' roll.
2. We finally bought a vine! Now I just want more. :)
3. This little one is back in my life and we've been having a ball. This shot was taken while enjoying the weather at Penn Treaty park on a Saturday afternoon.
4. My new favorite thing is to pick up fresh fish from Ipolito's Seafood. They got what's good.
5. Check out this post I did on cream vs. oil moisturizer! I'm a total convert.
6. Yes, succulent vines do exist. And yes, I will own one someday.
7. God I love this girl. She is one of the best, kindest, funniest, good-to-be-around people you'll ever come across. Anyone who gets to meet her in their life is damn lucky. I'm so happy to have been one of those people!
8. I almost started a chicken farm in our way-too-small of a backyard when I met these babes (or should I say chicks) at Greensgrow
9. Adam & I started a food blog! Go check it out!

Oh, and I'm heading to San Diego next month! Anyone with suggestions of where I should go, visit, stay, eat, etc. please drop me a line in the comments! I hope everyone's spring is off to as glorious a start as my own. Much love. xx


  1. Hi, I found your blog after digging through free people, and I really enjoy it. I'm from SD so I thought I'd offer a couple tips: If you have time, the Pannikin in Encinitas is an amazing coffee shop, worth the drive from downtown. The whole area of Encinitas/Leucadia seems like it's right up your alley! There's a great Bikram yoga place in Oceanside, and my most FAVORITE Italian subs are in Little Italy downtown SD at Mona Lisa. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! All awesome suggestions. How did you know, I'd be looking for a good yoga spot?? ;)

  2. So that's what you two have been cooking up! I can't wait to see all of the yummy dishes / insight you share. And I can't wait to read all about San Diego and see all of your great photos. How fun!