rose infused honey


Note: This post was previously published as a part of my freelance work here.
Rose, it has captured the hearts of humans throughout history, and has come to be known as the global symbol for romance. When combined with honey, another substance so renowned it was buried with ancient pharaohs, many amazing things can happen. Before I delve into how to make this magical elixir and what it can be used for, let me tell you the basic benefits to both of its ingredients.

Rose: Rose is packed with vitamin-C, it contains even more than oranges. This means that it is great for the immune system as well as combating toxins. It is also considered to be a cooling herb, which gives it the natural powers to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Honey: Consuming local honey is thought to help allergy symptoms by building up your natural tolerance to pollens in your area. Studies have been done showing its ability to kill bacteria and heal wounds, and it is great at soothing a sore throat or bad cough.

Now, let me teach you how to combine the two.
You’ll Need:
-          1.5 Lbs. Honey – preferably local
-          ¾ Cup Rose Petals – loosely packed (you can experiment with the quantity to play around with flavor)
-          1 Large Jar
-          Long Spoon for Mixing
-          Dark Cupboard or Space to Store

1.       You’ll first need to pull the petals off of your flower buds.
2.       Once you have enough, toss them into a jar with your honey, and stir up well.
3.       Store in a dark cupboard for about two weeks, stirring it up every few days.
4.       Strain the petals out through a colander, and pour the honey into a new jar. It’s now ready to use.
3 Ideas Of How to Use Your Honey:
1.       Pour it over yogurt to make an allergy fighting & immune strengthening parfait (with amazing flavor).
2.       Make your own cough drops to soothe a sore throat or cough (try this recipe)
3.       Mix together a facemask to combat free radicals and inject your face with vitamin-C (try this recipe)


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