megan + phil are getting married!


Numie Abbot is shooting engagement photos everyone. I never thought that I would be interested in the genre, but having done two engagement shoots & one wedding now, I've come to find that I really enjoy it. There is something so vulnerable about two people openly showing their love, and you, behind the lens capturing it. The bravery that the models have to feel. They have to let you in on their most intimate moments that normally only occur alone at home or out and about when they are one-on-one. The chance to capture it is an honor. Love really is the most beautiful thing on this earth.

That being said, my friend Megan is getting married to the sweetest dude, Phil. I'm so excited for these two lovebirds. I hope that they are happy forever and ever, and that their relationship continues to be strong,  supportive, and full of humor.


PS. If you're getting married and in search of engagement photos, come to me! I shoot cheap. ;)


  1. I'll vouch for you, dude. Hey Everyone! Get her to do your wedding or engagement photos!!! She did my wedding, and it straight up rocked.

  2. Awe, yay! You're the absolute best!