Shortly after getting settled in this house, we turned one wall of our bedroom into a giant bookshelf. It has become a place for me to keep some of my most treasured belongings. Yes, the books we've read - and want to read - but also the many independent magazines I've collected over the years as well as hats, jewelry, candles, and more. It's a wall of material things.

While I really don't consider myself a materialistic person, I will admit to being a collector. Does that sound like a contradiction? At the core it is. But what I have gathered and placed on those shelves are so much more than material objects.

These beautiful independent magazines, laden with captivating imagery and words that challenge my perspective, are eyes into other people's worlds that fill me with knowledge and inspiration. This bag, it was a birthday gift from my brother who hand-picked the leather and had it made especially for me. They are objects floating in a cloud of sentiments. 

So, give me a moment. I would like to challenge the definition of materialism. For me, materialistic is not someone who places value in material objects; rather, materialistic is someone who places value in meaningless objects. A diamond given to you by someone you love has emotional worth. A diamond you had to have to impress your friends, that's emptiness.

What I'm saying is that it's ok to feel emotion towards a physical object so long as you understand why. So long as that reason is meaningful to you. Everyone has the freedom to be obsessed with what is truly beautiful, but we must also remember that beauty is different for each and every one of us. We all have our own definition. And we all have our right to love something without being labeled as materialistic.


Bag: Custom-made by Rita Sutormina

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