Even if she doesn't mean to, she will brighten up any experience by putting a smile on your face. Dylana Suarez is a friend that I know is a rare breed. She's absurdly light-hearted -- easy-going and just so fucking funny, you have no idea where she came from. Opening my email, and reading her responses to these questions, I laughed, I agreed, and I nodded; all things that I am happy to find in a a friend. She isn't lying when she says she's optimistic, Dylana is always dependable to be looking on the bright side. As easy as it is to say, it is as equally difficult to do, and so it is appreciated. I can't say enough, read on...

//Growing up in California has made me a very relaxed person. Because of my home, I appreciate miles and miles of endless space and beautiful weather. I think I smile more because I am from California. I secretly want to be a San Diego beach bum. Cali love foreva. // My mother is like like my sister. Not a secret goes unshared. // And my dad is a lovable rock star at heart, that will jump over mountains and seas for the the people he loves.// I started blogging because I wanted to inspire and be inspired. And I wanted and needed an outlet to share my passions. // My life has been full of ups and downs, but has always been wonderfully surprising. In the end, optimism always brought me back up from anything. // I laugh the most when I'm with my friends.// The most exciting place is Malaysia. You never know what to expect. // I bought my camera nearly four years ago and haven't set it down since. That camera changed my life. // I take pictures because I like to capture the beauty in everything. // When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is rub my eyes and stretch and look forward to an interesting day. // I keep fit by moving my body to the music I love. // Writing is comforting, nostalgic // I would want to be famous for doing a lot of different things and putting ideas together that others can be inspired by. // I will always remember to look on the bright side of things. // In life you have to dream big and not follow the crowd. // The last movie I watched was Clueless (duh) // One day I will see the whole world. // Not many people know that I have two metal rods running along my spine, and that the scar from my scoliosis surgery is my symbol of strength.// You can never eat enough Vietnamese pho. // I couldn't live without my family. They are my heart and soul. // The best feeling in the world is complete and utter happiness. Some people just need to... chill. // People say that I am funny and charming. // If I wasn't working at Free People I would be traveling the world and taking pictures. // My wardrobe consists of a lot of color, pattern, and texture. // Without fashion life would look a little too boring. // Right now, I really want to eat some cereal but am too lazy to get out of bed and go downstairs to get it. Wanks.//

I'm sure you already do, but follow Dylana @ Color Me Nana

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