sometimes you should: dare to dream a new dream


As I grow up, the learning never ends. Things change, my point of view and understanding are affected by the knowledge I've acquired. What was once a sure thought, isn't always, and all the same it can be hard to let go of. 

The dreams that I dreamt seemed so real - and they were - but now I watch them melt away as out of life's learning, others take form. It's hard to think that I was once overly enamored with something that today, easily floats to the back of my mind. Am I just having a moment of confusion that will pass? Simple as it sounds to turn my back, road blocks stand in my way. A sense of comfort and a fear of banishing old loves, are not so easy to surpass. When you're on the path to what you wanted for over half your life, you feel as though a new dream better be 100% shaped in your mind before any leaps of faith are taken. You quiet those stirring thoughts because the idea of a new goal is intimidating and scary.The thought of starting at ground zero is overwhelming. But maybe life needs to be flipped on it's head sometimes. Perhaps there should be moments when you have no idea what you're doing.

It's almost as though you have to be ten times more sure of this new dream than the last. It has to be worth it one-million times over. At points I have faith that I'm now mature and developed enough to really understand what I want, but who's to say that in ten years I won't experience an all new change of heart? I supposed the conclusion that I've come to is that it's fine. It doesn't need to be such a grandiose problem. Let the dreams come, listen to them. Chase dream, after dream, after dream. Big or little, it will all be okay

Until you let yourself dream a different dream, you will be stuck. Stop fearing change, let yourself expand and evolve into whatever might come. Dreams will build inside of you over and over again. After all, that's what life is: having new things to chase, a re-evolving passion and desire to accomplish fetes, gain experiences, and build your life path. Dreams are what will power you through this world.

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