december mood board


At the hit of winter I button myself up inside four walls. Without summer's easy energy I get forced inside. At night, home becomes a warm hive of creativity and coziness to pass the dark hours. Mornings bring a whiteness to everything that cuts to bone with chill. A strange mix of cold and warmth. You appreciate the blankets and over-sized sweaters a little bit more. The excuse to stay inside with your paint brushes isn't so bad either. I plan to have a healthy dose of both this December. 

At the end of it all we will be walking into a new year. How do I want to finish this one off and how do I want to step into the next? Last year I committed to find balance, and I have to say, it remained in my thoughts and I did make many advancements. Without forgetting about the previous, what will I tack on this year? I have one fun, and one serious resolution in mind. I'll hammer them out through December, and keep you all in the loop come January.

For now, live it up, it's December 2012 baby!


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