a day at the museum


Last weekend my friends and I hit up one of my favorite Philly spots, the art museum. Housed in an iconic structure right on the water's edge and filled with some of the most beautiful artwork in the world, it's such an inspiring and entertaining place to be. Pieces include everything from my favorite Monets to Duchamp and Seurat. I love examining the textures - the skill and utter beauty. As someone who enjoys digital photography, I love thinking about the fact that each work is a realized vision. When I take a photo and then drop it into Photoshop, I can play around with it and let it become whatever strikes me in the moment. The end result isn't always something that springs out of a vision, but rather my current emotions and the way I'm interacting with a photo in that moment. These painters knew exactly what they wanted to paint: the light it would have and emotions it would trigger. It takes a lot of planning, skill, and intention - and that is just something I can't help but respect.

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