making babies


So here is the big news...I'm moving in with Adam...and...we're going to have...

A garden! Full of little babies! Babies as in plants that is. Tomatoes, peppers, kale, herbs - it will be full of all our favorite things. We got started on the little guys that need a time inside using recycled bottles. All you have to do is cut the bottle in half with a utility knife, drill small holes in the cap, and then you have a self-watering container to germinate seeds in. A week later to the tee, we have little guys sprouting up. Now that they're showing some green, we turned on a fan to circulate air and flood lights equipped with agro bulbs to give them light. Stay tuned for all the updates as we build planters, compost, fertilize, harvest, and of course, COOK, this season. This is going to be fun, here's to new life!


  1. Congrats on moving in together!
    I like to plant things from seeds in the Spring too :) I have found old glass cups and bottles in the woods behind my house that I usually use to plant the seeds in.

  2. Thank you, Taylor! I'm pretty excited. Awesome about your seeds too. If only I had woods in my backyard to hunt for jars too...