trust your knees


I lay on Lois's table as her energy-filled hands hovered over my body, reading its signals and in turn, communicating back. She got to my knees, my weak weak knees, and asked if I had issues with the left. A little taken aback, I didn't know what to say. It had never been medically labeled as problematic, but then again, I had always considered it a little defective. I replied saying exactly that, and we moved along on the path to healing.
We were all wrapped up and she had one last thing to say. "About your was interesting what you said, that they were weak. They say that your knees are where you hold your ego. You need to believe in them more. Trust that they will carry you. They will take you wherever you want to go, you just have to believe it."

I was so struck. It's true! I don't trust my knees at all. I'm always doubting their strength, thinking that they're awkward and not made as strong as all the others. What a metaphor for everything I'm scared of. Something in me doubts that my body and brains can take me where I want to go, but that's all bogus. I can do anything and I will do anything. It starts with trusting. I'm smart enough, strong enough, original enough, and brave enough.

Tell yourself this everyday & trust your knees - they will carry you.


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