weekly scenes


Spring is in the air! Ok, it's still a few days away, but I'm ready for it. Adam and I checked out the Philly flower show on an exceptionally beautiful day last weekend. We stopped into Reading Terminal market and split a monster breakfast sandwich beforehand. With all there is to see and shop, you need a full belly to take on that flower show. We didn't even get to half of it because he had to get to work. He did give me a beautiful bunch to take home; however, and that made up for all that we didn't get see inside. When I got back to my room, I arranged the yellow beauties into glass bottles on the mantle. I deep cleaned all of the surfaces, and instantly everything felt fresh and new, like spring. It got me inspired for the incoming warmth. That little taste. It leaves me daydreaming over long runs, gardening, and t-shirts. I am ready to shed winter's cocoon. The time is oh so near.