building plant beds


Here it is, the next step in our backyard garden adventure. After getting our plants started it was time to make a home for them to live in, two very big 3' x 6' homes. It involved down and dirty measuring, cutting, and drilling - and boy was it fun. 

To source the wood for our project, we stopped by one of the coolest spots I've discovered in Philadelphia to date. The place is called Atlas Wood Products, and it's located in a northern - I must say it, ghetto - part of of the city. We rolled up to this giant warehouse in the middle of abandoned ruins on one of the prettiest spring days. I had no idea what to expect, but we met up with the guy who ran the place and began to follow him inside. You first walk through a labyrinth of junk, this guy's a character, and then you make your way into a big open room filled with stunning wood creations that he's made for clients. I was immediately inspired, and then he took us further in to where we found what must have been the size of four football fields filled with wood.  Everywhere you looked there was wood of all kinds - palettes, barn wood, treated, name it. We looked around and got all the wood we needed, including palettes to set our planters up on for water drainage.

After picking up all the materials we needed, we brought everything home, and over the next week began to piece our planters together. It felt so good to get tough - lifting heavy things, drilling in screws, and huffing and puffing around. Next time around, I think we'll be a bit more accurate and will design the planters differently, but the whole project was very fun. After all, we're no experts, we're only starting out and learning along the way. This is all just the beginning.

Measuring & sawing...


And there you have it. Two big planters to make a home for (most of) our plants in the backyard this season. I know these pictures make it look like Adam did all the work, but I swear I helped too.

 Next step, transplanting & soil. I also have a fun palette garden how-to that you won't want to miss. 
Stay tuned!

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