first hike of the season: wissahickon


Last week Adam and I ventured out into the woods for the first time since temperatures have begun to rise. We went just twenty minutes away to Wissahickon Valley Park in Philadelphia. Everything is still very dead and, without their leaves, you can see structure of the each tree. Nature has a lot of rebuilding to do, but there is no doubt that she will heal. I'm just happy that the time to really enjoy her glories lays just around the corner. In about a month's time we'll be backpacking and shopping the farmer's markets again. This spring and summer is going to be blast, I can tell already.


  1. This looks so beautiful esp the first photo. I can not wait for it to be summer time here, the sun has been finally starting to shine these past few days and i love how it instantly puts everyone in such a great mood! Fab blog too! X

  2. Yes - real, beautiful, Spring is finally here!