wanted: urban moonshine


I recently came across the Vermont-based company, Urban Moonshine. After meandering around their site and watching a couple videos, I have to say, I'm eager to try out their products. 

They specialize in bitters, meant to help with overall health through an organic, all-natural means. I had never thought or heard of bitters from a health perspective before, but according to Urban Moonshine they're really great for the digestive system. They can help with bloating, gasiness, and heartburn. they also speed up sluggish digestive systems as well as help detox the system. 

The core reasoning behind it all is that we evolved eating bitters constantly. Consuming them now is just is a return to what our bodies were built for. The root of health is good digestion, and bitters help to strengthen and engage the system.

I really loved what their head herbalist said in their video, About Bitters. It's right in line with my own personal ideals, and seems like a great reason to try the stuff:
"We always try to encourage folks to move towards plants and not pills; to move towards that which is less processed as opposed to that which is more processed; to move towards that which our body recognizes and understands as opposed to our best guess as to what nature might want our body to use." 

There are several different blends they offer, and each come in a spray, dropper, or pouring bottle form. I love the idea of using the dropper and just plopping a bit on my tongue a couple times a day. It seems so easy to remember and do. Here's a little peek at the ones I'm thinking of trying first.

The Immune Tonic
Designed to be taken over time for prevention with medicinal mushrooms and roots! 
- Increases resistance to seasonal allergies
Energy Tonic
great for over stressed over worked and depleted folks looking to support their adrenal system and encourage their body's endurance capacity, similarly, it's great for athletes who put stress on their bodies

Citrus Bitters
An exotic, full bodied twist on their certified organic, handcrafted version.


  1. I LOVE that philosophy too! I've been meaning to try these - thanks for the reminder!

  2. Of course! I'll be purchasing mine when I get back from vacation. What flavor do you think you're going to get??