camping on the beach with fp me


As many of you know, I work for the brand, Free People, and as of as of late it's been a very exciting company to be a part of. This summer our whole marketing team has been traveling all over the globe, promoting the brand and putting together amazing campaigns. 
Last week was finally my turn. I spent the week traveling, starting off in Brooklyn, and then on to California for an FP Me beach & camping event. We pooled together 25 local FP Me girls, and organized everyone's dream beach day. Surfing with Sage Erickson, Volkswagen buses, epic Pinterest-worthy setups, camping - we didn't skimp on anything to make sure these girls had a great time.
I was there documenting it all, and with the beautiful scenery, people, and setups, it was just too fun to keep snapping. This was also my first time in Southern California (I don't count the visit when I was 10), and Mother Nature's presence here is simply different. In one direction, ocean, in the other, mountains. Succulents grow wild, and everywhere you look, palm trees shoot into the sky. My favorite thing was studying all of the strange plants. More to come on the wildlife of Southern California, but I have to say, as an East Coast girl, I must have looked like I'd landed on Mars.


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