photographer envy: yossi arefi


I recently discovered a new photographer crush. Her name is Yossy Arefi, and she's the master of the subdued, perfectly composed photograph. Her images are quiet and mysterious with a strong storied sense to them. An empty plate conveys all the beauty of sitting down to eat. You can taste the cherry pie. It's not too bold or in your face - it's just a an orange sitting in a sink. One can only wrap such emotion into a photograph through mastery of light. Yossy knows what to put where, and how to let the light hit it. I also find great inspiration in the elegant compositions and layers of rustic texture. The style is one that - all at once - opens your senses to the plain fact of what is, and the daydream what could be. 


For more, check out Yossy Arefi's portfolio here

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  1. What beautiful photos! I must check out her portfolio, thanks for sharing ;)

    Shannon - The Wild Hideaway