munich: part one


Back from my vacation! 

First stop: Munich, Germany
In Munich we did all of the typical things. The misty grey skies force you into the German way of life, and there isn't much avoiding it. We sat for hours in the beer garden at the Hoffbrauhaus, drank steins full of Hefewiezen, and ate our stomachs full. Unfortunately, we didn't find Oktoberfest to be as much fun as we had hoped. Luckily the nightlife, restaurants, and cafes of Munich made up for it. 

I fell in love with the city itself. I could have sat for hours sipping on coffee, munching on a plate full of cheese, while reading my book and staring out at the calm scenery. Everyone was warm, and the streets felt clean and modern (as modern as a European city gets). It is a place in which nobody locks up their bikes or has to go through a turn style to get on the subway. What a blast of refreshment it was that there exists such a large population of simply honest and good people.  

I can't wait to go back someday.

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